Thursday, November 11, 2021

Prepping for the end times

Never mind toilet paper or paper towels (although if pressed, I will admit to, let’s say, a few rolls in the basement, no more than a week’s supply).

Considering the container ships stalled off of California’s shores, I have other priorities.

          I don’t know whether everyone in my area has decided to go blonde, or if the novelty of au naturel Covid hair has run its course, but my last trip to buy next month’s hair color came up empty-handed. Oh sure, should I want to go deep auburn or brunette, no problem, but neither our neighborhood CVS or Walgreens had the shade of blonde I’ve been using for the past umpteenth years.

          People in my family didn’t really turn grey – or white – gracefully, probably due to latent redhead genes. We tend more to yellowy, dead brown interlaced with dull grey strands. With the horror of a winter of shortages and increasingly ashen locks

before me, I set off – a woman on a mission. First CVS in a neighboring town – nope.


 But in the next town, I hit paydirt. At least I’m good for the foreseeable future. 




  1. I'm like that with perms and found if all else fails, the Internet will supply. Glad you now have a stash.

  2. Wow, never thought about that. I was worried that my fridge would die before I could get a new one. Stopped dying my hair the year I retired and very happy for that freedom.

  3. Of all the shortages that have happened, I never once considered hair colourant might be one of them. Toilet paper and certain foods, yes. I wonder what else might be in short supply that I haven't noticed?

  4. Score! At least you'll look good for the apocalypse. :)

  5. Maybe splurge and try an actual hairstylist.


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