Sunday, October 10, 2021

Turkeys and Soup

          A grey sort of Sunday here, not really cold, but the right sort of day to start some bread, make some soup (thank you $5.99 Costco rotisserie chicken), and stock up at the library. Which is exactly what I did.



         Chicken noodle soup, of course, the easiest soup on the planet since I always have celery, carrots, and some form of pasta. The bread – oatmeal, walnut, and raisin bread. I cut the recipe in half since Covid Times proved once and for all that I’m a bread addict. Good bread, that is, homemade bread, and one loaf will suffice. Needless to say, breakfast tomorrow is a no-brainer. 





 The turkeys dodged the soup pot, spending a portion of their afternoon pecking away in our backyard, and once our tree in back starts torpedoing nuts down, they’ll probably set up camp out there full time.

         When I first saw this group I thought the three turkey bachelors had finally managed to score some lady friends, but closer inspection proved that this was an all-hen party.



  1. Just found your blog through "One Day at a Time". I'm on WordPress Carol Westover (aka Tehachap) I'm a blackberry addict from my childhood days at my grandmother's farm in Tennessee. Seeing those huge rows of berries was a mind blower!!! LOL Oh but what I wouldn't give to have that within driving distance of my home here in Tehachapi. Check my view on YouTube-- Take care... and thanks for writing and sharing.

  2. Your bread sounds delicious :)
    How lovely to see so many turkeys, do they make a lot of noise or do they chatter quietly?

    1. They generally just cluck quietly when near the house, but during mating season the gobble gobbles from the woods sound like a party going on.

  3. Yummmmm to home made bread. After my father retired he took up breadmaking and my mother woke to the smell of home made bread most days.
    I am envious of your open libraries. I don't know when ours will open their doors again.

  4. Rotisserie chicken for soup -- that reminds me.

  5. That chicken soup sounds really appealing to me right about now! (Since I have a cold.)

  6. Soup and books and wild turkeys! That's a complete life. Snd the bread looks great. I'm a bread fan,too.


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