Friday, July 31, 2020


This afternoon at yet one more medical appointment I would rather not have been at, I sat in the stripped waiting room, my temperature at 97.1 and my hands still slick from the hand sanitizer.

          I was early and soon tired of playing with my phone. Magazines are no longer an option at doctors’ offices (imagine all those issues piling up at the doc’s house). All that remained was the fish tank to my right.

          I gazed in, expecting to be soothed by the fish weaving back and forth through their phony plants. The longer I watched, the more disturbing it became. Even given the tiny brain of a fish, what kind of life would this be, stuck forever in this two-foot by one-foot tank. It was then I realized it was all too similar to the lives many of us led this past spring.


  1. Ouch. This was not a small truth I wanted to read this morning. But true it is. And how I wish I had the (inaccurately) reportedly three second memory of a gold fish.

  2. I'm lucky to live in a rural county in a small neighborhood with lots measured in half acres or more. plenty or room for me to wander about if only it wasn't so damn hot.

  3. yes indeed, we have not been anywhere since Valentines day. I am so getting used to it that now i do believe I am agoraphobic - I feel so safe in my little home- and quite anti social. Stockholm syndrome? I am in love with isolation?

  4. I am just so glad I have the company of my fellow bloggers, knowing that it's not just me, and it's not just my town. Or even just my country, although mine is in dire straits.

  5. We are not the best of species in some ways.


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