Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back to School With a Vengence

     I can still remember the orange corduroy jumper I made for my daughter’s first day of school.
It had orange buttons shaped like tiny pumpkins and the lining was an orange flowered print. Standing there by the stairs, with her lunch box and curly blond hair, she was adorable.

          I also remember delivering her to Northeastern University in Boston and worrying every single day of her first week there. I finally realized it would be a long four years – or in her case, five, with the alternating semesters of subject-specific work/study – if I were to continue worrying.

          Now, apparently there’s one more item to add to the pre-college shopping list of sheets, bathroom caddy, and dorm fridge.

          TigerLady retractable claws.

          You could say they’re kind of the defensive version of those offensive brass knuckles. If trouble comes your way, you give them a squeeze and out pop three Wolverine-like plastic claws right between your fingers. And not only can they leave a mean stripe, they collect DNA.

          While this sounds like X-Men wanna-be material, these really exist, are made in the USA by veterans, and the producers say they send a portion of the profits to a non-profit working to put an end to violence against women.

          Had my daughter had these back then, I wonder if I would have logged more sleep her first week at college, or would these have made my worries about the city dangers lurking outside her dorm that much more real. 


  1. Now I couldn't use them effectively, if at all. In college, I don't know. We took precautions of walking in groups, etc., and I don't remember any situation.
    I know the young women of today probably are capable of wielding that weapon, so the choice is it or something else or nothing else.

  2. That looks like a handy thing to have, always ready in your hand while yu walk or run, so there's no unnecessary fumbling for that can of mace you know you have "somewhere".
    It worries me that such things are necessary, but it's better to have them and be safe I suppose.

  3. Oh my. I will have to think about this. Long and hard.

  4. my twin granddaughters are at their first year of college. I might send them each one. it pisses me off no end that this is even necessary but we know absolutely that a rapist caught in the act in this country if he is white will receive no jail time. and that stupid bitch (pardon) DeVoss is already weakening any protection young women have had on campus.

  5. I never heard of such a thing. I say it often: I'm glad I'm old and not going to be around that much longer. The world is getting really weird. Yikes!

  6. Good Lord. I hadn't heard of these. How depressing that we live in a world where such things would ever be needed.


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