Thursday, June 29, 2017

Free at last

Day one out from under contractor misery. 
     In the hopes of speeding along our chances of selling our house, we’ve been having two ceilings and a bathroom floor refurbished. We hired a company who had done an excellent job on our living room ceiling a couple of years ago after some water damage.

          We found ourselves wondering if this was the same group.

          This team was made up of young men who looked as though they’d taken time off from their 9th grade history class to sporadically scrape our ceilings and alternatively sit in their car staring at their phones. Turned out one of them was the son of the guy overseeing the job and I suspect he and his cohort were learning on the job.

          At the end of Monday we waded past the plastic sheets
shrouding our kitchen to see what they’d been up to all day. Rather than a smooth finish that would gladden the heart of our future buyers, we found stalactites of spackle that rivaled the ceilings of the Howe Caverns. This was apparently the “rough hand” style that he said we’d signed up for.

          Additionally, the crack in the ceiling of aging seam tape was still visible, defeating the reason for the repair in the first place.

          Three days of constant inspection and rejection by My Hero and we finally achieved a reasonable facsimile of what we were after.

          Meanwhile, thanks to the design of our house in which you go through one room to get to the next, we lived like refugees on the porch or cut across the back yard to get to the basement and the only accessible bathroom. Anything upstairs – bathrooms, change of clothes, privacy - was unreachable until evening arrived. A solid day of cold rain and caterpillar goop all over the yard on Tuesday made everything that much more challenging.

          Adding to this was the game-show host behavior of the foreman who thought charm and jolliness was the way to handle this grumpy retired couple. Wrong.

          Oh, and the (currently unpaid) bill included:

          Removal of kitchen furniture       - we did it.

          Removal/painting of crown molding – never happened

          Removal/reinstallation of toilet   - they couldn’t loosen the bolts

          Underlayment for bathroom floor – not necessary


          Today I lounged in bed till 7:30, wandered around in PJs until 10, and went to the bathroom without a trip outdoors. Life is good again.


  1. after working for many people who had thought remodeling their house was a good idea, I determined I would never do that. easy to say. the small bathroom her needs re-doing as all the old pipes are clogged with rust after last winter's deep freeze. ugh.

  2. Any one who has ever had contractors in will empathise. To the max. Did they clean up after themselves? Properly?

    1. Yes, they did a good job there (she said grudgingly) even if they had to borrow my vacuum to do it.

  3. How disappointing.I went through two remodels at the old house, and our contractor was always the best. In the beginning he was the employee, and in the end he was the owner, but always the same. Honest and thorough.

  4. Being able to wander around in your PJs is the best part of reading this. Sounds like that contractor thought he could rip off an old couple.

  5. Sigh. Thank you for reminding me that there are benefits to renting. But as your title says, you are free at last! :-)


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