Friday, March 31, 2017

The EGGs meet Venice

Looking for shark teeth, one of Venice's claims to fame.

          So, yes, you can fit seven people into a two-bedroom condo. 
       My daughter and FSL (favorite son-in-law – even if I do only have one) and three grandboys E. G. and G. arrived and we began a three day whirlwind of Florida entertainment before they moved on to the Magic Kingdom.

          Maybe the fact that we were rarely home made it all so do-able. The first day we whisked them off to lunch at a restaurant brilliantly located on the beach. Weary parents operating on 2 hours of sleep after an early plane ride could sit in the shade with a beer while the kids galloped around in the water and ran back and forth with shells for us to admire.

          The next day began with an airboat ride down the shallow Peace River.
      Every little boy’s (to include My Guy and FSL) heart swelled with excitement as the motor roared at our back and we were slingshotted forward. 
Add all the gators that squinted malevolently at us from the shallows and they were in heaven. The guide knew his audience, providing information about the flora and fauna for the adults and spinning a few doughnuts in the water for the kids.

          That evening we celebrated the sunset with a drum ceremony at Nokomis Beach. Some celebrants come in belly-dancer spangles, or bring glowing hula hoops, grandmothers dance and channel their hippie days, and in a few sections “herbal” scents rise to the sky. Most importantly, it was another outlet for three boys to run around and yell.

          The third day was slower moving but just as successful. We shuffled around here in the morning with breakfast, a continuance of the chess game the seven year old is now hooked on, and on-line time for the older two. After a stroll through the shops in Venice and pizza, and a desperate but successful hunt for a parking place (this was a weekend at the peak of the season) at Casperson Beach, we settled into our sand chairs and stayed there for the rest of the day. Again, another opportunity for the guys to gallop around and splash through the waves. 


         We now have a lifetime supply of shells, a sandy backseat, and a strangely quiet condo. 


  1. Echoing Ellen.
    Were you able to keep the sand out of the condo? I never could. Beach visits meant sand. Everywhere.

    1. I was the biggest culprit, toting my beach bag with the sand bottom right in. The kids helpfully banged off their beach shoes outside the front door. One inch outside the front door.

  2. As soon as I saw EGG's I remembered your grandsons. Sounds like they had a blast. Boys can tote in a lot of sand. Well, we all can.

  3. "the guide knew his audience" right there is a reason that man should NEVER lose his job. It does sound like the most perfect three days ever. Plenty of opportunities for young boys to run and yell and just be boys is the best idea, it leaves no room for boredom or whining.
    Will you make this an annual tradition?

    1. Far from being a backwoods local, the guide was a former nurse from Alaska - I imagine there's a story right there.
      And yes, next year it'll be swamp buggies, heaven help me!

  4. Yes, this does sound all too familiar.

  5. Sounds like you planned the perfect experience! I have never been on one of those boat rides. I see you had ear protection on. Is it really that loud? -Jenn

  6. Sounds like a great adventure! I love Caspersen Beach. I will never forget walking there one night in June, with a full moon, when turtles were emerging from the water to lay their eggs. It was like going back in time a million years. (I've probably told you that story before.) Anyway, definitely a good running-around spot for kids! And the boat trip sounds cool, too! Any manatees?

    1. Can't tell you what a kick I get out of your memories of this area.
      (Parallel to my memories of living at Sloan Square when I was 16)
      As for the manatees, the guide said that in the summer when the Peace River grows by 8 ft more in depth, that's when the manatees show up.


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