Thursday, September 1, 2016

Basket Case

The weekly farm share allotment - and therefore the weekly challenge of what to do with this latest batch of vegetables.
I never know what I’m going to be bringing home, which results in a bit of seat-of-the-pants planning if I’m going to use everything up before they lose their fresh from the farm taste. This is actually quite a lot for two people.

Two pounds of tomatoes-     We’ll finish these if I have to eat them like apples
Two pounds of squash-         New recipe needed. Cheese and bread crumbs??
Two cukes, two pickling cukes-   One of the cukes already consumed standing
                                                 at the kitchen sink. Also good sliced thin in
                                                plain yogurt with a little sugar and dried dill.
Garlic-                                Darn. Just bought a head at the grocer store this week.                                                          Thank heaven it keeps forever. Wonder if the other member
                                             of the team could be persuaded to try it roasted.                                   
1 red cabbage-                    Time for my killer German red cabbage recipe.
1 pound of potatoes          Maybe a stew – beef? chicken?
1 pound of onions -              These small red ones are interesting – almost look
                                                like shallots. Maybe boiled with a little butter on top?
1 eggplant -                         Last time I came home with an eggplant, I did a simple 
                                               oven fry by coating slices in corn meal and flour, a 
                                               little Italian seasoning, then brushing both sides with     
                                               olive oil. Perfection.

Okay. I’ve got this.


  1. I tend to get stuck in making much the same recipe time after time again. Your farm share would jolt me out of that - which wouldn't be a bad thing.

  2. That all sounds good. I could be a vegetarian if I didn't love meat so much.

  3. I bought a cheap XOX spiralizer for the squash and have used it lots. Nice change from casseroles and the zuchini noodles hold the sauce really well. Saw a recipe for caponata using roasted eggplant

    1. A spiralizer. I just love the name. But it does sound like a fun way to change things up.

  4. It does look like a lot for two people, but I'm sure you will be enjoying it all! Love the ideas. :-)

  5. Killer German red cabbage recipe?
    Would it work with green cabbage? I don't much like the red variety.

    1. I don't see why you couldn't use green. It just wouldn't be as pretty:
      2 Tbs butter 1/4 cup white sugar
      5 cups cabbage 2 tsp salt
      1 cup sliced green apples 1/4 tsp black pepper
      1/3 apple cider vinegar 1/4 tsp ground cloves
      3 Tbs water
      Put butter cabbage, apples, sugar into a large pot. Pour in the vinegar and water a season with salt, pepper, and clove.
      Bring to a boil over medium high heat, then reduce to low, cover, and simmer till cabbage is tender - 1/1/2 to 2 hours.

  6. My mom used to prepare summer squash by slicing it, simmering in a small amount of water until soft, taking it off the heat, draining it, stirring/mashing it to break it up a bit, and then stirring in sour cream and pepper. I love it that way!

  7. If you have friends that you owe a dinner, now might be the time to invite them. That is a lot of food but it is all so healthy.


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