Monday, January 5, 2015

Random Monday

        After 50 years, the entire series of the Batman TV show is being released. As the blurb says, “64 Original Episodes, Fully Remastered!”
       This was a grade B show at best whose only real claim now is that it's now 50 years old.
       Heartening news for some of us of a certain age.


I could use a more personalized keyboard for my computer. I was typing up a recipe for someone the other day and found it necessary to type out “degrees” rather than use the handy symbol.
Fine, there probably is such a symbol buried somewhere on another layer that I don’t know how to access, but if it’s not right in front of me I’m unlikely to go looking for it. I also recently noticed that unlike a traditional typewriter, there’s no symbol for cents. Talk about a sign of inflation.
We spent yesterday inside, ignoring the snow that had gathered on the driveway the night before. We kept telling ourselves it would melt as the day wore on, however those promised warmer temperatures didn’t materialize here quite as advertised. Thus, this morning the driveway had a definite Swarovski sparkle to it. My errand after exercise class? Pick up some de-icer for the driveway.
 I think I’ve earned a star on my chart for not pointing out that perhaps it wasn’t the wisest choice to store the bag of the stuff we already own in the shed we can’t access because it’s down the hill that’s covered in glaze ice.  


  1. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

  2. Icy here too......I've just advised the hubs that after he has his lunch he's to spread deicer.

  3. I feel so stupid when I put far away stuff that is essential to my ice melt. But we have had not snow or ice or sleet....YET!

  4. My keyboard doesn't have that symbol either. Phooey. Thanks for the reminder to get some salt and to put it where I can get to it.

  5. I'll be watching your comments to see if somebody tells you where they are. Probably some right click or something that I forget to try.

  6. I recently hired someone to help me understand using social media better. I had a list of decreasing importance to me, and when I reached the last one I asked "So, what is all this pound sound business about?"
    "It's called a hash tag now."
    And, it's been less than two months since my daughter cut over "ampersand," to say "...that's 'at sign', Mom."
    Eons of intelligence, chucked in a few years.

  7. Batman released? I don't think I'll bother buying it, I wasn't a huge fan, but I'm sure there are people who will be happy about it.
    I don't have a key for degrees either, so I use the asterisk above my 8 or a C for celcius, an F for fahrenheit.
    Salt for snow is something we don't need or know about here in Aus.

    1. River, your lack of experience with snow is living proof that ignorance truly can be bliss.

  8. @ Joanne...I thought this> "& " was ampersand. Am I wrong all these years?

  9. On a Mac, the (option)+4 key makes a cent sign. Like this: ¢

  10. use alt 0162 for cents ¢ ¢ see.
    I have not figured out degrees yet it is supposed to be alt 248 hold and release for degrees. It is not working for me:(


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