Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post-Christmas Post

 So the first thing the oldest grandson said when he saw tree was “Grandpa – do you have the army men?” Nothing says Christmas like soldiers having maneuvers under the tree.

Another recurring event was our annual spread of Chinese take out on Christmas Eve.
(It all started that year I was in the hospital with appendicitis 4 days before company was due to arrive)

Then those individual moments of happiness:

New art supplies

                Building Yoda’s house with
                your new Christmas clay

A penguin as big as you are


    Getting prepared to play a dice 
    baseball game with Grandpa

And a family hike to work off Christmas cookies and cabin fever
With mysterious trees,

    cairns to admire,

     and logs to climb over.

     A perfect end to the day.


  1. This is so much better an idea than our food poisoning was! We're not planning on making it a tradition.

  2. The little fellow's walking stick is precious. The trail is lovely. Are you in the Berkshires?

    1. Nope. Two minutes up the hill from our house on the small mountain (really a big hill) in our town.
      And yes, 90% of hiking in the woods with three boys is all about sticks - for walking, sword fights, or just general destruction.

  3. Sounds like a good Christmas day to me!


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