Sunday, March 11, 2018

Birds of a Feather

          Two houses ago, our cool neighbors across the street would once in a while appear wearing the same shirt. Matching shirts, that is. Intentionally.
          I’m pretty sure it was all her idea. She was of the suburban respectable Presbyterian variety.  He was improbably handsome, with a bad-boy vibe, not the type to embrace identical flannel shirts for an afternoon of apple-picking. They did divorce after a few years. Maybe the shirts were the tipping point.
          I’m continually trying to avoid showing up like a twin whose mother still buys everything in twos. Yet more times than I can tell you, I’ll emerge in the day’s ensemble after lengthy analysis, choice and rejection, choice and rejection, only to find My Guy is also wearing a blue sweater and tan pants, or the same shade of orange.
          Yesterday it was a little grungy out, so we were on our way to a local quilt show followed by an early dinner to beat the high-season Florida crowds. (By the way, I think that’s the real reason people here eat at 4:30, not because they have to rush home for Wheel of Fortune and bed)
          I’d recently scored a new long-sleeved top at Pennys and had been looking forward to wearing it until I found him in his painting room . . . .

 That's me on the right.
 (Even our freckled, spotty hands match.)


  1. That is nice that you have grown so beautifully together! I hate Florida in high season and will not go down that way!

  2. Where did he get that shirt. No, where did he git that shirt. Git paint on it.

    1. The number of times he's just "sat down for a minute to touch the painting up" and another shirt bites the dust. . . .

  3. Happened more than I can say, when the Cowman was alive. Must be something about liking the same colors etc.
    Love that you are growing together old!

  4. It doesn't happen here. The smaller portion dresses himself in shades of baby blue and gentle mud. I like colour.
    The wrinkled hands are another matter though. And the white hair.

  5. I would never notice the similarities clothes.

  6. Unplanned, Sue and I sometimes find ourselves in similar colours. The lady where we purchased our phones made a big deal of it and still teases us when we go back in.

  7. Funny to think how much the two of you think alike. Can it be because you've been together so long? I don't need to worry about dressing like my hubby, and he would never wear anything similar to me. :-)

  8. that will never happen here. He has completely different taste in clothes. I would buy him the occasional shirt early in our marriage and when the third one was never worn either, I quit.

  9. We luckily are different tastes--I prefer large t-shirts and leggings, he prefers plaid 'casual' shirts or sweat shirts. I make SURE our wardrobes don't match and since he never buys clothes for himself, I'm pretty safe there.

    My aunt and her husband used to dress as a 'team' with matching shirts and pants, which embarrassed the hell out of me, but they seemed to enjoy it, so...


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