Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Purge Continues

As we try to clear the decks for The Big Move, some furniture just needs a home other than our basement 

          The big TV cabinet (remember those from the days before flat screens?) that our son bought and then left behind. I painted over its lacquered emerald green and black hideousness and used it for basement linen storage. 

          The metal credenza My Guy lugged home from a workplace, and whose only purpose ended up being storage fro all the Lego, Lincoln logs, and our set of a plastic castle and knights. 

          A pretty little Windsor chair we’d forgotten about and never used, and. . .

          The beloved kitchen table we bought for $2 at a tag sale in California 47 years ago (remember the “antiquing” painting process back then?) and which sat in a corner of the basement with tax bins piled on top of it.
          We scheduled a pick-up from the Salvation Army, piled everything in the garage, and banished my car to the driveway, a victim to the current relentless rain of caterpillar poop.
          At the beginning of the week, the big red truck finally came backing down our driveway, only to pull away 10 minutes later with not one of those items in it. Turns out they don’t take painted furniture or items that can’t be whisked immediately onto the sales floor.
          The good news was that before he left, the guy in charge suggested I put the LetGo app on my smart phone.
          Within 3 hours of listing all the items as free on the site, I had 6 offers. We scored big-time with the one I chose. He not only wedged everything in his pick-up, but happily took a number of other things hanging around in the garage and promised to return for more when we’re ready.
          There just might be a light at the end of that self-made tunnel of possessions.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Laura Ingalls Wilder has nothing on us

Remember that chapter in On The Banks of Plum Creek?  
"A cloud was over the sun. It was not like any cloud they had ever seen before. It was a cloud of something like snowflakes, but they were larger than snowflakes, and thin and glittering. Light shone through each flickering particle."  

Well. . .

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Extra! Extra!

“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.”
Arthur Miller

Nowadays, it’s a busy time to be a reporter.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I’m developing a routine here in the land of downsizing. I spent this morning sifting through our 47 years of detritus and boxing up the items for donations.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

They're Baaaack!

I remember in 1978 at our last house coming home at night after my 3 – 11 shift as a secretary in pediatrics at the hospital. With two young kids, these hours worked out well. I only went in two days a week, either Friday and Monday or Saturday and Sunday, which meant I only needed one of the teens in the neighborhood to sit a few hours until my husband got home from work.

          I was a little short on sleep those years, but that wasn’t the hard part about getting home late. Our trees and our house were under attack that year. To reach the front door I had to first travel under the giant maples in the front yard and then under our portico. Both were festooned like a steamer covered in bon voyage streamers, except these were sticky and ended in a creepy caterpillar and they were impossible to see in the dark so I ended up a bit festooned myself.

          The gypsy moths had arrived and they were on everything.

          Our weapon of choice was masking tape and Vaseline, the plan being that the creepers wouldn’t get past the barrier to nest and eat the leaves up.

It worked pretty well except the trees didn’t appreciate the tape either and we lost a few anyway.


 So it was not good news when I looked out the window and saw this.



 And when I looked above the clematis and saw this.



 And even when I looked down on the bedroom floor and  - you guessed it.


Monday, June 5, 2017

A Walk and Random Thoughts

          The weather here being distinctly un-June like, I put on my fleece and took Mamie for her afternoon walk.

Friday, June 2, 2017

I Know All the Best Places

We are on the verge of a major life change here, and before it even happens my day-to-day life is filled with new experiences. I’m now not only spending an inordinate amount of time at liquor stores (source of all the best free boxes), but I can now speak knowledgeably on thrift stores in our area.