Monday, May 14, 2018

From Doctors to Baby Dolls

When you’re out of town for months at a time, something’s gotta give, so today I had both a bi-annual check-up with my doctor, where you hear as much Portuguese as English, and a cleaning by my sainted dental hygienist Jenn, who numbs the daylights out of my mouth before she does anything.
 In between I sandwiched a trip to the grocery store for the makings of a fruit salad for the semi-housebound new parents and diapers for the two causing that housebound condition.
I also hit the library to order 10 copies of The Book of Joy (not my usual cup of tea, but it was chosen before I joined) for when I host the book club in July, followed by a TDAP shot at CVS. For those of you out there with people in your life under the age of one, the key to this shot is apparently the pertussis portion, which sidelines whooping cough. If you’ve seen the ad on TV where Grandma turns into a wolf, that’s what it’s referring to.
I’ve filled my afternoon with sewing. I have twin beds upstairs in the loft, and rather than have the area in a state of perpetual bunkhouse, I’m making covers for them to make them look a bit more couch-like.
I was just cutting out material for the second bed when I heard a growl. Mamie must have decided that Patsy Ann, my mother’s doll that was also a big part of my life as a child, was a danger to us both.

I put Patsy Ann down on the floor, and after a few wary sniffs, an uneasy truce was established.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

(Grand)Mother's Day Thoughts

I remember my tree – a holly. Last time I saw it, in my twenties, it was taller than me, which now that I think about it, was probably always the case. My grandfather had planted it in his Tulsa backyard when I was born, so the tree already had a head start.
          When each successive grandson was born, we planted a tree in each one’s honor in the yard at our house. A flowering cherry for Gerry, a peach for Gabe (which actually produced peaches, although the squirrels always beat us to them), and a Japanese maple for Eli. Sadly, we left them behind (trees, not grandsons!) when we moved, but at least we planted them in the front of the yard so it will still be possible for us to drive over and check on their progress.

          Now here we are in Condo Land, with brand-new twin grandgirls. We do have a generous backyard and a couple of flowerbeds, but anything as large as a tree would need board approval since all land is really common ground.
What to do? Guerrilla gardening with a midnight raid of shovels and baby trees?
I was thinking that since we’re now on the girly side of things, how about a couple of frilly azaleas up against the woods?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Double the Fun

Life here is cooking along, each day with those small moments in the way life can be.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Another kind of spring planting

     With the arrival of May in our area of Florida, people by the beach are required to limit their outside light bulbs to red ones, and volunteers hit the sand at dawn. The turtles are coming.
          In May the sea turtles arrive to begin laying their eggs. The red light bulbs are necessary because they have a different wave length than ordinary bright white ones, which can distract the moms-to-be and later disorient their babies who should be working their way back to the ocean, not surging toward someone’s car port or swimming pool.
          The “egg volunteers” hit the beaches early in the morning, before the sun worshippers can unknowingly slam their beach chair
on top of a nest created the night before. Volunteers walk a mile-long section, often in pairs, scouting for new nests. Once they find one, they stake yellow tape around the area, and in some cases even place screens or cages over it to protect the eggs from armadillos, raccoons, or coyotes.
          We may now be back in Massachusetts, but yesterday as My Guy and I were hanging curtains, I wasn’t so sure of that. 

 Outside the window, I saw an unfamiliar object in our back yard.
          A friend said she’d had turtles come and lay eggs in the mulch next to her house, and after they hatched had gone outside with a bucket, to gather up the hatched babies in a bucket in order to transport them to a nearby swamp.
          Maybe I’d better check the garage for a bucket of my own. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Call of the Road

And we're leaving why. . . . ?!


    The dog’s looking nervous, our meals are becoming stranger and stranger, and our clothing’s not much better.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Art and More Art

With only one week left here, we’ve begun sort of a last-ditch campaign to snatch up as much Florida as we can before we go.