Thursday, April 21, 2016

Home on the (Hungarian) range

     Today we traveled to a farm of some of the famous Lippanzaner horses outside of Budapest.

     There were demonstrations of riding, horsemanship (can you ride a stallion at full speed without spilling the full beer stein in your hand?), and theater ( lots of whip cracking).

     I will leave you with some photos of today.


  1. I have seen them in shows and they were all white. I understand when young they are dark. Loved seeing them jump while on their hind legs performing the airs above the ground.

  2. A stallion at full gallop without spilling the beer? I don't think I could. Gold stars to those who can :)
    Interesting the things horses can be trained to do.

  3. Beautiful creatures! Thanks for the lesson. :-)

  4. Cool! I always thought the Lippizaners were Austrian. Shows how much I know.

    1. You're probably still correct, Steve.
      Maybe these just strayed over the border a tad.


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