Friday, January 1, 2016

Now and Forward

      I sit here in my robe and National Public Radio is playing a classical something or other,
the heater by the kitchen table is whooshing warm air across the linoleum, and the loudest sound in the house is the soft scrape of my tea mug as I lift it from its tiled coaster. My belly is full of home-made granola and my day stretches ahead of me to do with as I will. 
          This is the way to begin a new year.

          This long into retirement, I sometimes forget how magical it is to be able to do what I want, when I want. Once you achieve such autonomy, why would you change? Is this why the more lived-in end of the human spectrum is accused of being set in their ways, of being inflexible?

         At this precise moment, I have good health and enough years ahead that life can still hold adventure – but adventure of my own choosing.

          Here’s to tranquility, autonomy, and promise. 

          May your year be as serene as this morning of mine and as filled with possibilities too wonderful to imagine.


  1. Snap. As I type my response, the house is quiet, dawn is sneaking in and I am about to have another cup of tea.
    Here's to a hopeful, healthy, happy New Year.

  2. There is NOTHING so wonderful as being retired. Happy New Year to you.....peace and joy.

  3. This is serving as a reminder to me to be grateful for my health and ability to spend my days as I wish. Thank you and have a Happy New Year. :-)

  4. I'm enjoying my retirement too, it is so good to wake up when you want and do as much or as little as you want.

  5. When another retiree read your post he knows exactly what you are talking about. Enjoy your options but take them.

  6. I often wonder why I feel guilty when my day is filled with serenity. I keep thinking I should be facing more challenges.

    1. It's those damn Puritans and their work ethic.

  7. "This long into retirement-> -> -> adventure of my own choosing"
    That sounds very much like my life right now. And it's a wonderful way to live.

  8. It is nice to be done with life's requirements and be able to spend your days however you want.

  9. Now that I have been retired for a decade, I too am appreciating the option of doing nothing at all. Happy New Year.


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