Sunday, January 31, 2016

An Electric Solution

     Once winter’s arrived, along with the mandatory extra 5-10 holiday pounds, I try to get to the treadmill at the gym.
The drill is, I hurl myself out of bed before I have time to think about it, stuff myself into something that gives the appearance that I’m an old hand at this exercise thing, and toddle off to the YMCA. 

          The ideal treadmill is the one on the end, which automatically means one less over-achiever next to me. This didn’t always work in the past, when a particular man who must have smoked a full pack on his way to the gym would choose a nearby stationary bike. The more he peddled, the greater the second-hand cigarette fumes would waft my way. I haven’t seen him lately, though. Probably better not to imagine why. 

          Another reason I prefer the end treadmill is that it’s closest to the television that’s not turned to FOX news (tv#2), sports (tv#3), or more sports (tv#4). The Today Show, in spite of its overload of ads and the absurd amount of time devoted to frigid fans waving from the sidewalk, still has a few segments that keep me going on my walk to nowhere. 

          So I need to plug into the jack on the treadmill. I’ve tried headphones and earbuds, but inevitably I come back to the same problem. I’ll be striding along, watching Al Roker waving at a map, and a jolt of electricity will flash in my ear. It’s as though the universe is using aversion therapy to stop me from exercising. After buying yet another set of earbuds with the same result, I’ve finally found a solution. 



  1. Who wouda thunk? I think a thousand huzzahs may be coming your way.

  2. My solution would be to stay home.

    1. I can see that we share the same level of enthusiasm for exercise.

  3. I am a prime static builder myself. While at work my own personal magnetism often wiped the swipe card which allowed me access to the building.
    I hope your solution works.

  4. Yay! That would be rather uncomfortable, for sure. I manage to listen to podcasts when I am forced to use the treadmill for any longer than a few minutes. I'll have to remember this trick if I start to get electrocuted. :-)

  5. Electric shocks? I'd give up on the TV and listen to my walkman instead.

  6. Yikes! I've spent a lot of time on treadmills with earphones on and I've never been shocked...that is some serious static buildup!

  7. Too bad you can't farm out the electricity you generate. I hate winter for that reason. My home and car have turned on me but that stuff in the can works. I just can't spray everything.

  8. Use those dryer soft sheets, rub down the treadmill metal parts first. and maybe run it over your hands?

    Thanks for your comments!

  9. I've never heard of that problem before. How strange.


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