Thursday, April 10, 2014

Storming the CIA

No, not that one. This one has secrets too, but of all the best kinds.

This was another group bus trip, this time to the Hudson Valley of New York State. Food and wine – what’s not to like? 

We began with lunch in Bocuse -

(named after Paul Bocuse, the father of modern French cuisine)

one of the four restaurants on this 
enormous campus.

First course: Black Truffle soup

Sorry about the sideways picture. Technical weirdness

Main Course: Breast of Long Island duck
                     roasted yellow beets,
                     haricot vert,
                     cipollini onion jus.

Dessert: Chocolate molten cake,
             Cassis ice cream

          Then a guided tour of the Institute, with a stop for treats.


Note how we lunged for the tiny pastries as though we hadn’t just eaten seven minutes before.


After the tour, back to the bus 
for a ride to the Clinton winery.
No, no relation, although they did provide the champagne for Chelsea’s wedding.


Many tastings 

and then off to – of course! – the sales room.

          The only mystery that remained was why I felt it necessary to load my purse with granola bars before I left that morning. 


  1. Yum. Are you in the photos?

  2. Well now, THAT looks like fun! Yummy!

    1. Indeed. But I'm MUCH more impressed that you're taking time from the magic of Sri Lanka to leave a note here. Your pictures are to mine as a Rembrandt is to a crayon drawing!

  3. I am sure you made a kill at the sales room :-)

  4. Well, it's only polite to buy something after a tour.
    Some of us were more polite than others :)


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