Thursday, February 18, 2016

The magic is still there

      Yesterday afternoon we suddenly decided to go to the movies. Why? Because we can, folks. We’re retired!

          We’d better enjoy the cinema while we can, though, because for the life of me I can’t imagine how these people stay in business. We arrived to find two people in the theater, and then one more drifted in part way through the previews. Granted, it was Wednesday afternoon and we rarely go on the weekends, so maybe the seats are packed then, but somehow I doubt it. Of course, the latest phenomenon locally of purse snatchers crawling through the dark, empty rows might put be putting a damper on attendance.

          A whole generation has grown accustomed to the cheaper choice of staying on the couch and watching their own giant screen. It’s too bad, too, because some movies just ask to be projected into ten foot images. No one is producing movies with the grandeur of Laurence of Arabia any more, but the Oliphaunts in the Lord of the Rings can’t have the same impact on a TV screen.

          There’s also the whole suspension-of-disbelief thing. You can’t lose yourself in a story when people are trooping in and out of the room, or calling “Who ate all the chips?” from the kitchen.

          I also wonder if people are losing their ability to cooperate with the whole social compact of sitting silently with strangers, showing consideration for someone else. Go to any theater and listen to the repeated reminders, pleas, and warnings about cell phone usage.

          The movie we chose was one that required the full darkened-theater, wide-screen experience. Hail Caesar is a delightful homage to (and comment on) the glory days of the cinema. You’ve got your panoramic shots of suffering slaves in the desert, madcap hoofers, and intricate aquatic choreography. And lots of big names, most of whom play against type and come and go, one after the other. It’s just plain fun. Go see it.  


  1. It is a long time since I have been to the cinema. And the noise blew me away. And the mess.
    Small screen for me I think.

  2. This is one we're looking forward to seeing, love the Coen brothers.

  3. My sister saw it and cautioned me away from it. She was bitterly disappointed in it. :-(

  4. I love the theatre experience, but don't go often as it's too expensive, even with the senior discount. And a lot of movies nowadays aren't worth going for, it's easier to wait until they're on TV, then if they aren't any good, I can change the channel or put in a dvd.

  5. Too many germs for us at the movies. My husband rarely watches a whole movie anyway so we would just go home early:)

  6. I was wanting to see that film. We have been going to the cinema more lately. I'm often appalled at how noisy people can be.

  7. I like going to the movies though we don't go that often. One year, the week after I had come back from a 10 day canoe camping trip out in the wilderness we went to the movies. It was so loud and so bright and frenetic I could barely watch it and had to cover my ears that were used to the silence of nature.

  8. Ooh I do want to see that one! I rarely go to the theater..never have been a fan of the sticky floors, the expensive treats or the loud volume. I usually wait for the dvd. I know..pretty lame. LOL

  9. What worries me in the younger generation is that they are not enjoying cinema as an experience anymore. I used to stay behind to read the credits. I wanted to know the names of the actors who played both leading and supporting parts, the music-writers, the costume-designers. Everything. Nowadays they can't wait to get out of the dark room.

    Greetings from London.


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