Monday, December 7, 2015

Riddle me this

          TV viewing has hit its usual December low.
Unless you wait each year in breathless anticipation for the 1969 movie of Frosty the Snowman, your time would be better spent cleaning the oven. Still, we’re TV junkies so we scrounged around until we found something we’d DVRd several weeks ago. It had been sitting in our magic box that long because it’s a grade B series with unlikely premises, wooden acting, and predictable plots. Still, as I said, we’re junkies and it gave me something to knit in front of. 

          That week’s episode took place in a hospital where a virulent and fast-moving mold had triggered a lockdown. People were keeling over like pins in a bowling alley and it fell to our heroes to save the day – of course. I watched as they tossed on rubber gloves – their only protection – to drag some hapless victim from the eye of the outbreak. In a building filled with face masks, caps, gowns, and even shoe booties, that was their only protection from a scourge so serious you could see its black-dotted progress across the ceilings and walls?

          So, while yes, this show was another example of clueless writing or the low standard of network TV, more importantly, it prompted one more question that I probably can’t get answered by Dr. Google. 

          Do women in burkas have fewer colds?


  1. Probably. But they aren't out in the world very much anyway, so yeah. I wouldn't trade places with them though. :-)

  2. I bet they don't even have warmer noses.

  3. Interesting question. My daughter had to go to China for work and they gave her a mask to wear because the air was so bad, she got sick anyway.

  4. They probably do, except that as DJan says they aren't out and about as much, and in the home the burka is discarded (unless there are visiting males).

  5. I wonder Too, but I don't think I will ask any of them.

  6. That is a really good question! I wonder if anyone has ever done a study?

    I kind of DO wish I could see the 1969 Frosty movie...but that's just me. :)


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