Friday, July 31, 2015

Mature Thoughts

The other day, a scene from the movie Postcards from the Edge popped into my head. Shirley MacLaine is in the hospital and her
face is as empty of make up – and eyebrows - as a portrait of Elizabeth the First.

I’d been standing in front of a mirror at the time and realized that now my eyebrows are disappearing into a soft dove gray, no one can tell whether I’ve plucked them or not. Aging does have its perks.  This has a double bonus, since lately finding anything that small with a pair of tweezers is an exercise in futility.   

As another plus, a lifetime of freckles is finally paying off: age spots and moles just blend in with the rest of the body landscape.

On the downside though, deer ticks are equally invisible, so a case of Lyme disease is probably just lurking around the corner.

In a related vein, I’ve often thought that someone should take a census of the number of blondes under thirty and over fifty. I think I can predict which group will be greater.

It’s remarkable how many women suddenly become natural blondes at a certain age.

And aging also has an advantage for anyone self-conscious about the world knowing whether you color your hair. The mystery is over, ladies. Any woman who still has golden blonde hair in her mid-sixties either dyes it or is likely an aberration of nature. 


  1. well, I do have some gray but my hair is still mostly dark and I'm 65. my dad held onto his dark hair for a long time too. as for things to small to see, I'm going to get waxed.

    1. Yes, I do have to say that my grandfather lived well into his 80s with nary a gray hair.

  2. My hair is still mostly dark with fuzzy gray on both sides. :( It's my eyelashes that are disappearing!

  3. My step mom was one of the elderly blondes. I prefer my grey haired look. Matches my wispy eyebrows.

  4. I noticed that about my eyebrows a while back. My light brown hair morphed into "blonde" quite easily. For awhile I had it streaked to add some color, but when I retired I stopped that silliness. :-)

  5. Remember that old commercial? Doe s she or doesn't she? ONLY her hair dresser knows for sure. Mine is silvery light brown. I wish it would just all turn silvery already:(

  6. I own Postcards from the Edge. Love that movie.

  7. I have earned my grey hairs. And my wrinkles.

  8. My mum used to lie about dying her hair, saying she'd been blonde all her life. We all knew she lied, every dye job was a different shade, sometimes almost red.
    I haven't dyed my hair in years, I prefer the natural greying process.

  9. I always heard that it's better for older people to color their hair light than dark -- so if you don't want gray hair, I guess blond(ish) is the way to go. Personally, I'm happy to be bald!

  10. I've been dying my hair (my natural brown colour) since I was 27 but I never made a secret of it. Started going grey when I was 15. My mother-in-law is in her sixties and her hair is still completely brown. It's amazing.

  11. I've always been ash blondish, but I've gotten blonder as I've gotten older, can live with the wrinkles, but not the grey.

  12. I always had thick, dark eyebrows until recently. It seems like one day they started disappearing and in no time they were wispy. So many surprises along the road to becoming old!


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