Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cementing the Deal

I thought I'd try my hand again at Wednesday's Words, which originates at

This week's words are:

cement     harmonious     dignified    frenzied    baggage     looping

          Seagulls wove their looping patterns while the city watched from across the river, its dignified profile against the darkening sky. Steel buoys rocked against the pilings, harmonious with the approaching clangs of chains on the pier. Both of the men’s arrival was erratic and slow, one due to frenzied efforts to break free of his restraints, the other hampered by his ominous baggage and the struggle to pilot his companion.
          At the end of the dock the larger of the two began his preparations with a practiced hand – bag here, bucket there, captive parked nearby. A suitable oatmeal-grey consistency was quickly achieved and the chef leaned over it for one more stir. A loop of the chain he’d stored over his beefy shoulder slipped, encircling the bucket and bringing his head into the mixture when his foot skidded through a large souvenir left by the gulls.
          The first man looked down at the dissipating bubbles across the oily water and sent to the dark sky a paean to the inventor of quick-set cement.


  1. You bloodthirsty creature, you.

    Still, the biter bit and all that. A marvellously inventive story, I am impressed.

  2. Very nice- you are very good at this!

  3. My goodness you are a rugged writer. Pretty surprising.

  4. I could see it happening. Great job.

  5. Well there's a twist! The baddie getting the cement grave. I like it.

  6. Ooops! Made me laugh when I read it and figured out what happened. :-)

  7. HA! what goes around comes around.


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