Saturday, November 15, 2014

Left in the Dust

My recent trip to an absolutely fabulous performance at the Goodspeed Opera House in Haddam, Connecticut left me feeling sorry for men of a certain age.

Last Thursday a local organization filled a bus to capacity and transported us to a picturesque restaurant on the banks of the Connecticut River.

After a nice lunch of steak or chicken (my order of Proseco didn’t hurt, either) we all strolled 25 yards over to a fabulous performance of Holiday Inn, a musical based on the old Hope/Crosby movie. The playhouse is often an incubator for future Broadway productions, and this proved to be no exception.
So why did a soup├žon of concern for the Y chromosome types enter my thoughts?

There was not one male on this trip.

Women of a certain age are drawn to community centers, college life-long learning programs, museum events, as if by magnets. We can unearth a bus trip faster than a pig can find truffles. We email a lady friend and off we go.

Meanwhile, the men are home with the remote. It rarely occurs to them to scour the paper for book readings or sign up for memoir writing.

Now that we’re retired and past the baby-birthing, monthly inconveniences, and same-work-for-less-pay (okay, yes, the retirement check is smaller), we’re finally coming out ahead.



  1. And yet I think men are more social when they can get around They find friends with similar interests and talk on the phone or plan events.

  2. That is sad for the males of our species. But thank heavens WE are out there enjoying and learning and growing. Thanks for the visit! :-)

  3. Okay, you're a little rough on the males! I have to defend them. There are other things to attract their attention like sports! That's my defense anyway.

    1. I agree, Red. What I should have added is that society's expectations for men is different. A couple of men paling around is much less common than two women.

  4. that's what mine does...sit on the couch with the remote and a book. as much as I like to read, I get bored after a while and TV just does not engage my attention. There is not a single person that he pals around with.

  5. Yikes. You aren't expecting me to go? I believe that's the Y chromosome.

  6. So true. Thank goodness for girlfriends!

  7. Yep, the remote and the TV, and it is getting worse.


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