Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rest Easy, Edward Hopper

One thing trending in our area lately is art.

People – well, women who enjoy socializing, and especially getting out for an evening - are embracing their inner artist.

It goes by various names:
                    Paint and Sip -  Wine and Canvas - Paint, Drink, Wine

You can probably spot the focal point.

I decided to try it myself -  in spite of the fact that while I’m married to a man with inborn talent, and I have a sister who has actually had her own exhibitions - I have no artistic ability myself.
None whatsoever. Even my handwriting is bad.

 Our sainted instructor somehow managed to communicate step-by-step directions over the roar of the nearby bar and our own non-stop conversation.

 I was reminded of the torturous instructions I would give during teaching days. About three quarters were listening, three quarters of those followed directions, and all the while I needed to inexorably guide the group to the finish line in the allotted time.

But we worked our way slowly but surely to the end product. 

When I finished, I had decided the best thing about my painting was that I could bring it home to my husband.

 And he could put another coat over it and use the canvas for his next painting.


  1. Please note that there is no front-on picture of my final product!

  2. It's not about perfection- have some fun, learn something, express yourself!

  3. I would proudly hang your picture on my wall.

  4. The real point of the evening was having fun with my good friend, which is exactly what happened!

  5. You're funny. That's why you had such a good evening with friends, and wine.

  6. I love the way you write! It would be fun to do that! How did your husband like the painting?

  7. It was a fun evening, but trust me, no one will be lining up for any of my art work.
    My sweet husband found some nice things to say and even managed to keep a straight face while he said them.


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