Saturday, December 31, 2016

Post Christmas Epiphanies

  1. Who needs a Roomba robot vacuum to deal with the steady rain of dropped food from the grandchildren when you have a tiny dog snuffling across the floor.
  2. It sharpens aging reflexes to have kids exploding from closets and behind furniture during ongoing three-day games of hide and seek.
  3. Your trash is your friend. No one benefits from finishing up the leftover garlic bread.
  4. Latkes (multicultural here) perfectly represent Hanukkah’s eight-day miracle since the smell of the oil they’re cooked in stays in the house for about that length of time.
  5. Follow up behind your departing guests as they gather their belongings if you want to avoid an emergency trip to the post office to overnight missing car keys.
  6. Dim the lights and fake a clean house before the holiday since after everyone leaves you’ll be getting out the industrial vac and that big new bottle of PineSol.


  1. Ha! I'm curious about the car key one, although it sounds like it was probably a pain in the neck! How true about cleaning the house before the gathering! -Jenn

  2. It was the second set of keys, so yes, they did have one set to drive away with.

  3. no little ones here anymore to avoid (all grown up into teens) but there is a bouncy dog that likes to be underfoot.

  4. I love it!! So true. We've all been there.

  5. How true it is.
    And somewhere I read that if you are too tired/busy/lazy to clean, put a vase of fresh flowers out. No-one puts fresh flowers in a grubby house was the theory...

  6. I have a cat who eats crumbs. He disdains a tidbit from the table as poison, and won't bother with anything bigger than a quarter of a little fingernail. So, I still must sweep the floors. But he follows along and snacks on things I can't make out.

  7. Mmmm, Latkes :)
    LOVE those socks!
    No visitors here, so I did my clean up on New Years Eve, as my mum used to say, you don't take dirt from the old year into the new.

  8. But you had a fine visit that you would never miss.

  9. I walk through the house when they are getting ready to leave...and I think Chance got his fair share of treats even if the Grands are all teens:)


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