Monday, July 20, 2015

Cold Winter Mornings versus Hot Summer Mornings

Yesterday the forecast was for in the 90s and we still hadn’t put any air conditioners in our windows.

I knew that after the temperature passed 85 degrees I would be as immobile as the faces on Easter Island.
If anything was going to get done, if there was to be any dinner, I’d have to get it done in the morning.

This prompted a little reflection on the difference between my winter and summer mornings.

Typical winter morning –

Out of bed

Orange juice & vitamins

(Possibly to the gym)

Make a pot of tea

8:00 AM

Check email, blogs

Yesterday morning –

          Out of bed

          Orange juice & vitamins

          (No gym – too much to do before the heat sets in.)

          Open house windows to catch cool morning air

          Turn on fans

          Make marinade for Lemon Chicken, which will be eaten cold later       

                    Immerse chicken

                   Realize used lemon rinds might be just the thing to

                       remove stains from cutting board.

              Stop to scrub with rinds.

          Put kettle on to boil water for tea

          1st load of laundry in

          Empty basement dehumidifier while I’m in the basement

                   Decide to empty outdoors on new plantings (2 birds, 1 stone)

                   Get distracted, weed for 10 minutes in pajamas

          Fill teapot

                   Realize Jello would be good to have later

                   Use remaining boiling water for Jello

                   Make a mental note to add unused tea to iced tea jug in fridge

          Potato salad would be good with the chicken

                   Scrub potatoes, put in pot with water

                   Later add a couple of eggs to boil along with the potatoes

          What about breakfast?

                   Saute some oldish mushrooms for scrambled eggs

          Hang out sheets from washer on clothesline

          8:00 AM

          Check email, blogs

          Now if I could just figure out why I’m five to ten pounds heavier in the winter. . .


  1. Hahaha! I think I might have an idea why. :-)

  2. The only trouble with this is that when I wake up in summer it's already 80 something both outside and inside with about 90% humidity. I do little or anything in summer except read and swim,

  3. Now you have me wondering if I'm more of a slug in summer or winter.

  4. In summer I do my best to turn into a troll and only come out at night. I am an early riser (it is just after five now and I have been up for over an hour) but hot is bad. Very bad.
    I am soooo glad it is winter here. When it is light I will play in the garden.

  5. Sounds like a well-organized day to me, even if you just do things as they come along.

  6. It is odd. I do more in winter than in summer but like you I weigh more then. 102 temps are just too hot to do anything outside. Could not live with out A/C. What can be done by 9:00 is all I can manage these days.

  7. You had a very busy day. 90 is far too hot.

  8. I am not a morning mine would say 8AM still sleeping:)


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