Friday, November 21, 2014

Which Intelligence are You?

Here is a brief run-down of Howard Gardener’s theory of various intelligences that I mentioned in the last post. 

                   Thank you Delores
for your request for more background on this. Without you this would likely be a blank page.
 From: Overview of the Multiple Intelligences Theory.  Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and Thomas

Logical -Mathematical
          The ability to calculate and carry out complicated       
             mathematical operations. Here are your scientists, 
             mathematicians, and detectives.
          These are the two twelve-year-olds (or fifty-five year-olds) hooked on Stratego. (Now I understand why I’ve always thought that chess shouldn’t be considered a game because you have to work so hard at it.)
          Sensitivity to sounds, music, rhythms.
          Many often have perfect pitch
          Kids with this often hum or sing to themselves.
          This intelligence may be connected to mathematical skills.
                   (Which would explain my own lack of success at the piano.)

          The ability to think in three dimensions. Graphic and artistic skills, with
                an active imagination, sailors, artists, architects.
          That dreamy grand daughter working out a jigsaw puzzle on the floor.

          A facility with words and languages
          Reading, writing, telling stories
          The 75 year old completing a crossword puzzle not just to fend off
             dementia, but because he actually enjoys it.
           (These are my peeps. You may recall that in my family, dinner ground
              to a halt while everyone argued about the correct pronunciation
              of “medieval.”)

Bodily (kinesthetic)
          Superior control of bodily movements and the ability to handle objects   
              skillfully, athletes, dancers, police officers, builders
          A sense of timing – the ability to step onto an escalator without
              embarrassing yourself.

          Sensitivity to working with others, able to read reactions and moods
          Teachers, politicians, sales people, often categorized as the extroverts
          Whether they deserve it or not, these are often our leaders

          An understanding of self, self-reflective
          Sometimes labeled as introverts, as teens they may be the shy kid in
             the back of the classroom.  While they may seem self-involved, they
             are able to apply their reflections to other’s lives. These may be
             psychologists, or spiritual leaders (hopefully really helping that person
                 on the couch or not suggesting to the gathered many what a great
                 idea it would be to drink that Kool-aid.)
          A connection to the natural world around us, useful to the farmers and
          hunters of our past. Handy for those shoppers among us, who must be
          able to discriminate between one pair of sneakers and another.

          A ponderer of the bigger questions – how did we get here, and what is
                life all about.
          Whether the lack of parking places is a cosmic plot against us personally.


  1. So I know I'm linguistic, intra-personal and existential. In other words, a self centered, book loving, delusional recluse with weird thoughts lol. Yep...sounds about right. Thanks for posting this, it was really interesting.

  2. That was really interesting. I don't think I fit in any of those categories.

  3. Interesting...I suppose I am linguistic, interpersonal and naturalistic...I will have to check back and see what others have to say:)

    1. Far Side, we are twins! That's exactly what I came up with.

  4. Hum, I don't fit any one but am bits and pieces of a lot of them. No pure bred here, just a mutt.

  5. Another mutt here. It does take me back to a heated argument I had with a professor, 1962-ish, that brains were different, look at the differences between mathematicians, English teachers, musicians, etcetcetc. A brain is a brain, he argued. The class wound up in a wild discussion. Good man, knew how to stretch our brains.

  6. Now some of this looks familiar. It certainly throws a curve at educators.

  7. I'm mostly Linguistic, I do crosswords for fun (AND in pen!) with a little Intrapersonal thrown in; I can also step onto (and off) and escalator without embarrassing myself.

  8. I love that this honors all our abilities and not just school performance. I'd say I'm linguistic, bodily, interpersonal. Great post.

  9. I am probably spatial and linguistic, I guess. Definitely NOT existential!

  10. I see a little of myself in bodily, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. I do enjoy crossword puzzles. :)


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