Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Baby Boom (Burn) Generation

Here's my latest contribution to 
       Five Sentence Fiction. 
This week's prompt is    Sunshine. 

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First she used Sea and Ski, then when she got older, the more racy iodine with baby oil – these were as necessary as the old chenille bedspread and the transistor radio. Even from a backyard away, Francine could feel Danny Parker’s eyes as she released her bathing suits ties around her neck and lay down on her stomach, her blond ponytail falling onto her shoulder. Funny how the heat was so much stronger on the backs of her knees; she’d stay out another half hour, but she’d have to be careful not to burn the bottoms of her feet like last time. She drifted into a soothing semi-comatose state, listening to her mother’s vacuum, Mr. Short’s lawn mower, the distant shrieks of the Tyler twins across the street as they ran through their sprinkler.

       Francine roused herself from her reverie on the examining table and flinched, her grey hair shaking slightly as Dr. Petrie eyedroppered liquid nitrogen onto her mottled back.  

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  1. Still, those were the days. The smell of the new grass in the hot sun.


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